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Face Gadgets: I Dew Care

I wanted to like these I Dew Care products so badly. The branding is cute, and Korean skincare very rarely lets me down. However, I dew not like these.

The Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask is a fun, pretty iridescent peel-off mask that gave me all of the Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes. That is, unfortunately, the extent of this mask’s benefits. It claims to soften skin, even skin tone, boost elasticity, and remove impurities in just 20 minutes. It actually made my skin itch just a few minutes into using it. I ended up removing it after 10 minutes.

Yes, I have sensitive skin, but I don’t usually have very adverse reactions to face products. Disco Kitten made my face red, itchy, and I was dry and flaky for a week after using it. Cue my disappointment. I’m just glad I ended up getting the smaller trial size instead of a full size mask.

I didn’t have much more luck with the Goodbye Blemish Liquid Spot Patch. Similar to a liquid bandage, Goodbye Blemish is applied in a thin layer to blemishes. It contains lemon tea tree oil to control excess sebum as well as jojoba oil, eucalyptus extract, and tomato extract to “visibly brighten”. (Their claim, not mine.)

Again, cue my disappointment. It did absolutely nothing for any of the blemishes I diligently applied it to for 2 weeks. Goodbye Blemish even worsened some of my acne. It occasionally made my blemishes angry and painful. At best, it did nothing. At worst, it did the opposite of what I expect from something called Goodbye Blemish.

If you’re interested in trying this brand out, the prices aren’t horrible. I personally dew not want to try anymore from this brand. Have you tried anything from I Dew Care?

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