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Girl Code

I wasn’t hurt by my best friend dating my ex. I was hurt when she chose him over me even though I never forced her to choose. All I wanted was for her to be happy. I wanted to continue our friendship. She means too much to me to end a friendship over a guy I once dated almost 10 years ago.

Of course, it’s awkward. Of course, there will be tension. How do you navigate a friendship when your best friend is dating someone who once hurt you so deeply? Regardless, I wanted to try. I didn’t want to force her hand, and I definitely didn’t want to throw away years of friendship.

I was honest about it with her. Based on my negative experience with him, I was concerned about their relationship. But I would try to be happy for her as long as he made her happy.  Unfortunately, that didn’t matter. It’s pretty clear now that she had no intention of continuing our friendship once she started dating him. Our friendship didn’t matter anymore.

It hurts to be tossed aside like that. Like it was so easy for her. Like I am but an inconsequential dust mote in her life. This is beyond breaking girl code. This broke my heart.

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