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Face Gadgets: Hit or Mist?

‘Tis the season of cold, dry air! (Don’t forget to be jolly!) As if the Las Vegas winter weren’t harsh enough on my combination skin, the central heater at work is always on and sucking the moisture out of my poor skin. I spend at least 45 hours a week in the office. Although I will always love my Vicks Vaporizer for keeping the air moist, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Facial mists are my newest winter skincare favorite to refresh my skin and combat winter dryness!

My current favorites


Urban Decay Quick Fix:
A “hydra-charged complexion prep priming spray” with niacinamide, coconut water, and Sepitonic M3, it can be used to both prep your clean skin and boost your skin throughout the day. I’m not terribly fond of its sunscreen-like smell, but I like its superfine hydrating mist. It also claims to improve the radiance of your skin. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my skin’s radiance because of the other skincare products I use regularly.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray:
I’ve loved Clinique Moisture Surge since high school, when I needed hydration that didn’t exacerbate my oily skin. This facial spray uses the same hydrating oil-free formula in a convenient spray. Although I wish it came out in a finer mist, it’s wonderfully refreshing and super moisturizing. I think it might just be my favorite mist for the office.

Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Mist:
My current all-time favorite facial mist! It’s rich in antioxidants, has a lovely lemony green tea scent, and comes out in a superfine constant mist. “Chok chok” (촉촉) literally means moist in Korean. It refers to the K-beauty philosophy of glowing dewy skin. This mist isn’t as hydrating as Clinique Moisture Surge, but it lends just the right amount of moisture under my makeup. It’s also perfect for refreshing my makeup throughout the day. So this winter I can say, “What is cakey makeup?”

What are your winter skincare favorites? Do share! 🙂

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