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I ♥️ Rose Water

Rose water is AMAZING. It is easily my favorite multipurpose cosmetic and beauty product. I like to buy a culinary grade Rose Water and decant it as needed. (Same quality as cosmetic, but much cheaper.) It is beloved around the world, its use being dated all the way back to early Egyptians. Rose water has so many uses! This is how to use rose water in your beauty routine and why I love it so much. 🙂


Uses of Rose Water:

    1. Toner: Rose water gently restores skin’s natural pH levels, which is especially important after washing your face. Our skin is naturally acidic, while soaps are basic. BONUS: Rose water is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It controls excess oil, reduces irritation, and helps heal acne.
    2. Setting Spray: I have combo oily skin, and rose water is perfect for controlling my oily T-zone while hydrating the rest of my face. It also gives my face a lovely glow. I like to put it in a spray bottle that has a very fine mist for setting my makeup. If you like, you can add glycerine for extra hydration.
    3. DIY Sheet Mask: I like to soak dry sheet masks in some rose water for a quick and easy soothing sheet mask. Sometimes, I’ll even keep some in a container and stash it in the refrigerator. This was the best remedy when I had an especially bad sunburn one summer.
    4. Hair Care: When I set my hair in curlers, the ends can get very dry after just one day. I use rose water to moisten my hair and re-set my curlers instead of having to wash my hair again. I’m also prone to dandruff, but rose water helps to alleviate that.


Rose water is hydrating, brightening, and even has anti-aging properties! It can help treat acne and eczema. It can decrease the appearance of fine lines. Plus, it just smells SO PRETTY. Do you love rose water as much as I do? What do you use it for?

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