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Adulting is Hard: Nostalgia

I spent the last week sick in bed, barely able to sit up. It sucked. A lot. It also gave me way too much time to think. Now that I’m recovered, I want to share what I thought about.

I’m hardly old. I’m only 25, but here are 10 things I miss about my childhood.

  1. MySpace surveys: Who else misses reading through your friends’ bulletin posts then reposting the surveys with your own answers?
  2. MySpace notifications: So much more satisfying than Facebook notifications. Facebook notifications are somehow anticlimactic compared to MySpace.
  3. Custom MySpace profiles: Honestly, how we all learned HTML code. Plus it was fun and creative. Why did we ever leave MySpace again?
  4. Sleepovers: When did we become too old for sleepovers with our girlfriends? hannah-grace-atitsmehgd-2nd-grade-girl-sleepover-shhn-okay-lets-actually-go-to-sleep-quiet-for-a-minute-the-annoying-friend-starts-laughin-for-no-reason-entire-group-starts-laughin-excep
  5. The old Disney Channel: I just want to binge on Kim Possible, Even Stevens, and That’s So Raven. I’m not asking for a lot.
  6. Blockbuster: Sure, Netflix and digital movie rentals are great for instant gratification, but Blockbuster taught us how to make careful decisions.
  7. Nap time: Remember the days when everyone encouraged you to nap instead of cleaning and having responsibilities? I miss that.
  8. Projectors & plastic sheets: I had a math teacher in middle school who was always covered in blue ink because he almost exclusively used his hands to wipe down his projector. (Mr. Newton’s GT Algebra class will remember.)
  9. Gel pens: My mom once got me a 30-pack of different colored gel pens. I never felt so cool.
  10. The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Spice Girls, S Club 7, and blonde Mandy Moore.

What do you miss most from your childhood?

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